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Why Should I attend Zion Massage College?

Zion Massage College offers you an Ivy League quality education in Massage Therapy, Bodywork and Postural Alignment.

At ZMC, we blend the very best of Western Medical Science based massage and bodywork techniques with effective hands on therapies from around the world.

ZMC’s curriculum is heavily focused on practical and experiential education so that you emerge from the program as a highly skilled expert in the field of massage therapy and bodywork.

ZMC’s classes take into consideration the individual learning styles of each of our students. Classes combine elements of Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Tactile to provide you with an engaging and rewarding learning experience where you succeed!

As a student at ZMC, you can also participate in Prana Trips, these are additional educational opportunities that carry no extra cost for you. Prana trips include a study abroad trip to either Thailand or Nepal, where you study and explore traditional health practices, personal growth seminars, meditation and backpacking trips, canyoneering and a variety of activities where you can add additional depth to your knowledge base

After graduation, we provide you with continued support, including continuing education opportunities, career counseling and placement and, an opportunity to work as a team member within the Zion Massage College family.

Is Zion Massage College Accredited?
Yes! Zion Massage College is proud to be institutionally accredited through the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA) and to hold the designation of Assigned School with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. The contact information for these prestigious organizations are and
How long is the Professional Massage Therapy Program?
The official program length is 12 months. However, many students combine day and evening classes to complete the 900 hour professional massage therapy program is as little as 7 months.
How big are the class sizes?
Because of the nature of hands on training, ZMC keeps its class sizes small, typically 10-14 students per class. Occasionally classes are combined so that students on campus can get to know each other.
What are my tuition financing options?
Zion Massage College offers its students a world class education at an affordable price. ZMC has flexible financing options.
What are my tuition financing options?

Zion Massage College offers its students a world class education at an affordable price. ZMC has flexible financing options. 



  • STUDENT LOAN OPTION: You can obtain a student loan through MACU  by Make sure to choose their student loan option. 
  • PAYMENT PLAN OPTION: ZMC has a no interest/no fee payment plan, which requires $2,000 down. We recommend making payments as you progress through the program. However, the remaining tuition balance is simply due before graduation. (Before students can participate in the Chiang Mai study abroad portion of the training a minimum of $6,300 (half) must be paid toward his/her tuition balance.  There are no fees or interest charged to students that participate in the ZMC payment plan option. We are committed to helping you obtain a debt free education and a viable career!
  • VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION FUNDING OPTION: ZMC is approved for funding through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation for students that qualify for this service.
  • GI BILL AWARD OPTION: ZMC is approved for funding through the G.I. Bill for students that qualify for this service.
  • TUITION DISCOUNT AWARD OPTION: ZMC awards tuition discounts of between $1,000 to $2,000 to individuals with financial need. To apply for a scholarship, please submit a one to two page essay (sent to: Rebecca Farraway, Admissions Director at The essay should address the following three questions: Why you want to become a massage therapist? How you plan to use your education in massage therapy. How will the scholarship help you?
What is included in the study abroad trip for the Thai Massage Level I class?

ZMC students have the option to take the Thai Level I class in St. George, Utah or on a study abroad field trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

Your tuition includes the Thai Massage Level I training and is the same price whether you train in Thailand or in St. George. Inclusive in your tuition is the flight, guest house accommodation and Thai Massage Level I training in Chiang Mai, Thailand. If you choose to study in Thailand, you will be responsible for acquiring a passport and for food, medical insurance, excursions, non-curricular activities and, transportation around Chiang Mai. We typically recommend that students plan to bring between $200 – $400 for food, activities, souvenirs and purchases in the markets, etc.

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