Trekking, Yoga, Singing Bowl Therapy & Meditation in Nepal!

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Join Zion Massage College & Himalaya Hub for 13 days of amazing adventure, spirituality, inner peace and mystery as you journey deep into the heart of the Himalayas!*10 actual days in Nepal, 2 days of travel.

This Journey Is For: Everyone! 

Requirements: Must enjoy adventure, cultural experiences, self-growth, health, healing, & be able to hike 5-8 miles per day.

Journey Dates: March 11 – 21, 2019

Journey Price: $2,895* includes flight to and from Kathmandu!

Journey Includes*: 

  • Flight from Las Vegas to Kathmandu
  • Nepali Tourist Visa
  • Flight Travel Insurance
  • All Hotel Accomodations
  • Hotel Transfer to and From Airport
  • 3 day Singing Bowl Therapy Training
  • 5 day Guided Himalayan Trekking Excursion (see itinerary below)
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Daily Breakfast Lunch and Dinner during our 5 day Trek
  • 2.5 lightly guided “free” days to explore and enjoy the mysterious, vibrant sights, sounds and flavors of Kathmandu, Nepal’s famous Thamel Market.  
  • Yoga & Meditation classes

Journey Does Not Include:

  • Lunch & Dinner while in Kathmandu (You will purchase this on your own – Lunch and Dinner are included while on Trek)
  • Passport fees (You must obtain your own passport)
  • Medical Insurance (You will have travel insurance but, outside of the travel insurance, you responsible for your own medical expenses, if necessary. 
  • Alternative activities not listed in the trip agenda.

Journey Itinerary

(March 11,12 & 21  are travel days. We lose a day coming to South Asia. For example on March 11th in the U.S., it is already April 12th in Kathmandu. 

Day 01: March 11th, 2019 (March 12th in Nepal), We arrive midday in mysterious and vibrant Kathmandu! After obtaining our visas and clearing customs, we travel to our guesthouse to unpack our bags and then enjoy a tour of Thamel Market, the shopping hub of South Asia. Here you will find Himalayan clothing, jewelry, shoes, singing bowels, prayer flags, incense, spices, perfumes and other handicrafts. We then enjoy a meal in the market and return to the guesthouse to rest.

Day 02-04: March 13th -14th, 2019, For the next three days, we will be participating in a Singing Bowl Therapy Workshop where you will learn the healing power of resonance. You will also learn how to incorporate the use of singing bowls into a massage therapy or bodywork session and have the opportunity to hand pick and purchase healing bowls straight from the manufacturer in Nepal. 

Day 05: March 15, 2019, Today, we spend the morning traveling by bus from Kathmandu to the charming lakeside village of Pokhara where we enjoy a relaxing afternoon and stay overnight in a hotel. During this time, you can walk around the lake, visit shops, enjoy a massage at one of the local spas or just spend a little time relaxing, journaling and finding inner peace. 

Day 06: March 16, 2019, This morning, we rise early for meditation, yoga, breakfast and a short one hour bus ride our trail-head in the village of Nayapul. We trek today from Nayapul to the village of Tikhedhunga (1577 m) where we enjoy dinner and stay overnight in a charming guesthouse alongside the trail. Along the way, you will enjoy breathtaking mountain views as we travel through the many charming trail-side villages that line the trail. 

Day 07: March 17, 2019, Today, we arise and enjoy meditation and yoga followed by a traditional Nepali breakfast. We leave Tikhedhunga and trek (2856 m.) to the beautiful town of Ghorepani. Along the trail, we pass horses, buffalo, monkeys and travel through charming little Himalayan villages where you will witness traditional Nepali life. 

Day 08: , March 18, 2019,We arise very early this morning (4 a.m. ) to hike to the top of Poon Hill (elevation 3210 m.) We then enjoy a delicious breakfast and meditation before continuing our trek to the charming, famed village of Ghandruk (elevation 1960). Along the way, you will see beautiful dense rhododendron forests, mountain views, paddy fields and climb impressive and steep stone-slab steps, which feature memorials that pay tribute to the individuals that designed and built the detailed staircases. 

Day 09: March 19, 2019, We arise early for yoga, meditation and breakfast. We then enjoy a short trek to Nayapul,  and a short drive back to Pokhara, where we enjoy the lakeside village and spend the night in a local guesthouse.  

Day 10: March 20, 2019, We arise early for yoga, meditation and breakfast. We then take a local bus back to Kathmandu, arriving in the early afternoon to enjoy our last day in Nepal. This is a free day and a good day to do last minute shopping, enjoy a relaxing massage in one of the local spas, visit a local Temple, or to just relax at our hotel. 

Day 11: March 21, 2019, Today we enjoy breakfast followed by our flight back to Las Vegas.



Teahouse Trekking: 

Himalayan Hub Tours (My dear friend Prakash owns Himalaya Hub Trekking and has extensive experience as a trekking guide and tour operator. He arranges our hotels, provides our guide and ensure that our trekking needs are met.)

Tour Guide: Rebecca Farraway, is a Yoga Instructor, Teacher, Massage Therapist, Public Speaker,  Continuing Education Provider, Hiking and Canyoneering Guide and the Owner of Zion Massage College. She has over 20 years experience teaching and leading tours. You can learn more about Rebecca here:

Rebecca’s Vlog:  “A Day in Kathmandu”

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