Ashiatsu Prone Techniques and Flow


Ashiatsu Workshop rate: $295 for each comprehensive, two day workshop.

A-Shiatsu comes directly from India’s Chivutti Thirumal , an ancient (2,000 plus year old) Ayurvedic massage from the Yogic and Martial Arts Tradition. However, instead of performing the massage on a mat, A-Shiatsu is given on a sturdy massage table, which allows the client to lie prone with his/her head comfortably aligned in a straightforward position in a modern face cradle.

The massage therapist uses special oils which correspond with the client’s mind/body/spirit type and, utilizes his or her feet to apply a deep Effleurage like strokes to the client’s body. This traditional massage originated in Kerala India and was the prescribed healing treatment for musculoskeletal and energetic healing for India’s Kalari Martial Artists. In Yogic tradition, there is a depiction of the goddess Kali massaging the body of Shiva with her feet, which is widely believed to be a representation of the Chivutti Thirumal massage tradition. Chivutti Thirumal is also known by the name Keralite Massage and Kalarin Massage. The sequences within the massage focus on Ayurvedic energy channels known as “Nadis,” translated in Sanskrit as the river that circulates Prana. The long fluid strokes and circular patterns of Chivutti Thirumal are said to balance the client’s chakras and allow for inner and outer physical and spiritual transformation.

In this A-Shiatsu Prone Basics Course, the Massage Therapist learns techniques to treat the back, arms and legs of the client using various therapeutic positions. A-Shiatsu is a deep, flowing, compression massage that induces a meditative state in the client and allows for profound physical emotional healing. 

2020 Training Dates:
  • June 5th – 6th, 2020 Friday & Saturday
  • August 8th – 9th, 2020 Saturday & Sunday
About the instructor: Rebecca Farraway has been a licensed massage therapist for over 20 years. She has dedicated her life to the study of Traditional Healing Practices in the field of massage therapy, energy, and bodywork. Rebecca has studied extensively with traditional teachers in India, Thailand, China, South America and the United States. She has studied Chavutti Thirumal, Yam Khang and Ashiatsu with many teachers in India, Thailand and the United States. Rebecca is a firm believer in lifelong learning and, in addition to her teaching schedule, continues her own studies around the world. Rebecca is also the owner of Zion Massage College, which offers a 900 hour comprehensive professional massage therapy program for those seeking to become massage therapists. For more information visit