AFMTE Teacher Certification Experience

Zion Massage College is proud to be affiliated with the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education. The AFMTE offers a wealth of opportunities for Massage Therapy Educators to collaborate, establish best practices, discuss industry trends, find & share resources, advocate for our profession, and to find professional peer support. Staffed mainly by volunteers in Massage Therapy […]

Why Do We Really Purchase Things

WHY DO WE REALLY PURCHASE THINGS? As we enter into Black Friday, I’d like to invite those that I love to consider the two primary motivations for purchasing items and experiences. We seek to solve a need: Like when we purchase soap with the intention of using its surfactant ability to prevent the spread of […]

2019 Thanksgiving Founders Message

A GRATITUDE NOTE TO OUR CLIENTS: Hello friends (and… I truly feel that we are friends)! This is Rebecca Farraway , founder of Zion Massage College. I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for you and to thank you for your support of the work that we do at Zion Massage College! […]

ZMC Prana Trips!

2019 Prana Experiences: (Free for ZMC Students) Herbal Compress Certification  DATE: FRIDAY JAN 11, 2019 TIME: 9:00 a.m. -1:00 p.m. LOCATION: Zion Massage College DETAILS: The application of an herbal compress adds comfort and a grounding touch to any massage therapy session. Essentially, herbal compresses are large packets of steamed and heated herbs or heated cloth that are infused […]

Professional Licensed Massage Therapy Program

Zion Massage College Professional Licensed Massage Therapy Program 2019 Start Dates Professional Licensed Massage Therapy Program Start Dates 2019 EVENING CLASSES 900 Hour Program 5pm-9pm Mon-Thurs Winter: Jan 28, 2019 Spring: April 8, 2019 Summer: June 24, 2019 Fall: Sept 3, 2019 2019 DAY CLASSES 900 Hour Program 9am-1pm Mon-Thurs Winter: Jan 22, 2019 Spring: Mar 25, 2019 Summer: May 28, 2019 […]

Founder’s Letter To ZMC Graduates

Dear ZMC Graduates, It gives me great pleasure to be among the first to congratulate you for your success in completing the 900-hour Professional Massage Therapy Program at Zion Massage College. Throughout the past year, I have enjoyed watching and participating in your learning process. I am so impressed with the way in which you […]

2018 Continuing Education Training

New Dates Added For 2018 Thai Massage & Eastern Bodywork Training If you are a Massage Therapist, Physical Therapist or Yoga Instructor, Revolutionize your practice by attending one of our comprehensive trainings.  Click here for more information and registration

Featured Modality

Tok-Sen is an ancient healing practice, developed by Buddhist Monks in Northern Thailand and Burma. The technique incorporates the use of special tools called a Limb and Khone to apply a specialized form of tapotement along the Sen Lines (Energy Lines) of the body. The modality is used to improve posture, reduce muscular pain, balance […]