Meet The Instructors And Staff

Rebecca Farraway, LMT, RYT 200

Owner & CEO

Rebecca Farraway is the owner and founder of Zion Massage College, a Massage Therapy and Bodywork college that offers a 900 hour comprehensive blend of Traditional and Modern approaches to soft tissue manipulation and energy balancing. She is also the owner and founder of Study Healing, which offers continuing education classes in Massage, Bodywork, Mindfulness, breathwork and Meditation.

Rebecca has made it her life’s work to study and teach traditional massage, bodywork and healing techniques from around the world. For over 20 years Rebecca has taught and studied Traditional Thai Massage & Bodywork in Thailand and various places around the world, she studied Barefoot Massage styles in India, Thailand, Hawaii, Fiji, Japan and in the U.S. Rebecca studied Gua-Sha (by its various names) in China, Vietnam, Thailand, and the U.S. She has also extensively studied a variety of other soft-tissue manipulation, energy healing techniques and herbal applications in Peru and Mexico.

Early on in her career, Rebecca observed that traditional practitioners and teachers of Massage Therapy and Bodywork frequently blend meditation, contemplative exercises, and other healthy lifestyle practices with their Massage Therapy and Bodywork practice. Staying true to this tradition, Rebecca is also an ardent practitioner, student, and teacher of meditation, yoga, qi-gong, and breathwork. She has studied with monks, swamis, shamans, and healers from many cultures and spiritual backgrounds to compare and contrast the universal factors that foster a life filled with growth, contribution, connection, and peace. She teaches trainings around the world on Massage, Bodywork, Sound Healing, Meditation, Breathwork and Mindfulness. In addition, she is a certified Yoga & Qi-Gong Instructor, musician, ardent nature lover, and, depending on the day, a pretty big fan of cold plunges & ice baths.

Christina Frantzen, LMT, MLD-C

Program Director / Instructor

After graduating from Massage School in 2000, Christina spent many years in the Destination Spa atmosphere in Southern California. She brings over 10+ years of Spa Management Experience including experience in Managing the #1 Spa in the Nation, Conde Nast Traveler.
In addition to her experience with massage therapy, Christina holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, a Bachelor’s of Health Sciences with an emphasis in Physical Therapy and Medical Social Work and, an Associate’s of Science.
In 2014 Christina moved from California to St. George. Upon moving to St. George, she began working at MoVara Fitness Resort and Spa as an LMT and, also began working as an Instructor at Zion Massage College. From the moment we met Christina, the ZMC team knew that she was a valuable and perfect match for our college’s mission, values and for the quality education, which we continually strive to give our students.
Christina loves to hike in nature, spending time with those closest to her, and learning. Christina specializes in a variety of modalities but has extensively studied WATSU and other water based modalities such as Aquatic Integration. Christina is a strong advocate of lifelong learning within the massage therapy profession. She takes new continuing education classes each year and believes that it is imperative that all LMTs make time for continuing their education in the exciting field of massage therapy.

Everett Hunt, LMT, SI


Attended UCMT in Salt Lake City, Utah during 2005-2006. During his time there he learned about fascia and how it can be changed to actually manipulate and shape the body. Not knowing where massage therapy would eventually take him, Everett found his path with Structural Integration. After graduating in March of 2006, Everett completed a graduate program with Structural Bodyworks in Kaysville Utah. Following school, Everett began working in Park City, Utah and quickly built a clientele consisting of Olympic skiers and gymnasts. After gaining valuable experience, Everett eventually moved to St. George where he works as full time therapist at Red Mountain Spa. Everett practices and embodies his belief that proper body mechanics taught in school, therapists can enjoy a massage career which spans decades

Rocio Lopez Varner

Lead Admin Assistant/Financing

Originally from California, Rocio has resided in St. George for the last several years. She has an Associate Degree from Dixie State University. She loves helping the students, staff members and guests at Zion Massage College. Her calm, kind nature, intelligence, and ability to listen to others are a breath of fresh air to everyone that meets her. When not working, you can find her spending time with family, playing with her mini Schnauzer, or reading a book. We are so grateful to have her as part of our team.

Shalyn Padayao

Admissions and FSA Coordinator

With a passion for service, learning, and a firm belief in the body’s ability to heal itself, Shalyn is an enthusiastic member of our administrative team. As the Admissions Coordinator, she is always excited to help prospective students realize the opportunity to develop their talents for healing and helping others.

Shalyn is a mother, a musician and an animal lover. Her favorite place to be is out in nature. From the oceans of Hawaii to the red rock mountains of St George, outdoors is where she finds peace.

Elizabeth Wright

Administrative Assistant

Originally from California, Elizabeth has spent the last few years between Utah and Idaho. She has a cosmetology license and is currently working on her degree for History Education. Elizabeth has many years in customer service and strives to bring the best experience to both the guest, students, and faculty. Her bubbly and energetic persona allows her fun interactions with everyone. When not at work you can find her spending time with her family and her husband while watching documentaries.

Julie Humphries, LMT, BCTMB

Clinic Facilitator

Originally from California, Julie went to Provo College and received an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Therapeutic Massage Technology in February 2000. Julie has taught massage in Provo and Las Vegas. Julie has been in St. George for the last 8 years and loves it. She has a certificate in medical coding and billing and has worked in a chiropractic office as an office manager, billing and coding, and massage therapist. Julie loves to spend time hiking with her family.

Karey Bleak, MS, LMT, CLT


Karey’s first career interest was to become a massage therapist, however she opted to attend college instead. After graduating, she taught high school biology and chemistry for several years before deciding to stay home full-time to be with her young family . In 2005 the call to become a massage therapist grew strong once again; she enrolled at Ann Arbor Institute of Massage in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the fall of 2005 and graduated a year later. Soon after, she moved to St George with her two young sons, enjoying the sun and outdoor adventures here ever since. Karey is certified in Orthopedic Massage and as a certified lymphedema therapist. She has also taken several classes in CranioSacral therapy and Energy Balancing. In addition to being an instructor at ZMC, Karey has a private massage and bodywork practice in St George. She is passionate about helping her clients feel their best, and loves being a part of her students’ journey as they embark in their own amazing and fulfilling career as a massage therapist. Karey enjoys hiking, trail running, swimming, gardening, backpacking, cycling, watersports and is game to try just about anything else that doesn’t require her to jump from high heights!

Nancy Lilledahl, LMT

Instructor/Teaching Assistant

Originally from Minnesota, Nancy has resided in Utah for 4 years and has recently moved to Saint George where she is loving the warm desert climate. Horses are Nancy’s passion and she feels blessed to have been involved with them professionally for over 35 years. She also holds an Associate Degree in Interior Design. Nancy enjoys a fun and healthy lifestyle and when she’s not working, you can find her hiking in the mountains, out target practicing with her handguns or taking ballroom dance lessons. Nancy is a 2019 graduate of Zion Massage College and is currently practicing massage at Red Mountain Resort.

Terrie Coburn, LMT

FAA and Student Services Coordinator; Instructor/Teaching Assistant

Sophia is passionate about the field of Massage Therapy. In addition to helping her clients reduce stress, recover from pain, and to stay healthy, Sophia loves working with the students at Zion Massage College. Sophia’s favorite Massage modalities are Prenatal Massage and Ashiatsu. She loves that Prenatal Massage allows her to help both the mom and the baby at the same time. She finds it deeply rewarding to share her love of Prenatal Massage with the students at ZMC. Ashiatsu, a style of massage, which is derived from the Kalari Payattu martial arts tradition in Southern India, is another of Sophia’s favorite styles to give, receive and teach. In Ashiatsu Massage, the therapist uses their feet to apply massage strokes. The style requires dance-like movements, which result in a relaxing and calming effect on the client. Sophia’s strong background in dance, helps her to excel at this style of massage. When she isn’t focused on Massage Therapy, Sophia enjoys hiking with her dog in Utah’s beautiful outdoor playground.

Cori Halterman, LMT, CLT


Attended UCMT Lindon Campus, graduated March 2011. Cori was inspired by amazing teachers to become an “Elite” bodyworker by striving for perfect attendance, 4.0 grades and taking advantage of every opportunity to learn more. She has worked at various spas including Amangiri and massaging on the houseboats at Lake Powell for Antelope Point. In addition to her private practice she has taught Anatomy, Pathology and Reflexology at UCMT, Orem Campus and still maintains VIP clientelle at Lake Powell.

Cori is fascinated by the complexity and miraculous design of human body and it’s ability to heal itself when given the proper nutrition and care. Being a facilitator in healing is her goal with every client. Teaching is one of Cori‘s passions. Assisting students in maximizing their education and becoming “elite” therapists motivates her in the classroom. She is also a Certified Lymphedema Therapist who has worked with clients suffering from this debilitating disease. Workshops and learning forums are Cori‘s idea of “me time”.

At home, Cori enjoys her large family and charming husband. She loves to dance, sing, play the piano, grow flowers and vegetables, read anything by Dr. Fuhrman and wants to live in Rivendell, the Elven realm of Middle earth, in her next life.

Veronica Hunt


Veronica Hunt graduated from the Nevada School of Massage Therapy in 2010, where she learned a variety of modalities and has been integrating her various skills throughout the past 9 years.
Veronica was drawn to the body’s ability to heal itself and continues to utilize her expertise to assist in the body’s healing process.

Through compassionate and careful listening, she thoughtfully tailors each massage session in accordance with the client’s needs and requests, personalizing an individualized overall experience for each client.
One of her specialties and favorite modalities is Cranial Sacral Therapy, which can be beneficial for relaxation, headache relief or prevention. In addition to Cranial Sacral Therapy, she is skilled in Deep Tissue, Swedish and Prenatal Massage.

Veronica is also skilled, respectfully, in body treatments, such as wraps and scrubs, and believes that the energetic element to body treatments can be integrated with Massage Therapy to achieve total health through balance and wellness in mind, body, and spirit.

When Veronica isn’t teaching, you can find her at Sagestone Spa, located at Red Mountain Resort.

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