Frequently Asked Questions

Zion Massage College offers you an Ivy League quality education in Massage Therapy, Bodywork and Postural Alignment.

At ZMC, we blend the very best of Western Medical Science based massage and bodywork techniques with effective hands on therapies from around the world.

ZMC’s curriculum is heavily focused on practical and experiential education so that you emerge from the program as a highly skilled expert in the field of massage therapy and bodywork.

ZMC’s classes take into consideration the individual learning styles of each of our students. Classes combine elements of Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Tactile to provide you with an engaging and rewarding learning experience where you succeed!

As a student at ZMC, you can also participate in Prana Trips, these are additional educational opportunities that carry no extra cost for you. Prana trips include a study abroad trip to either Thailand or Nepal, where you study and explore traditional health practices, personal growth seminars, meditation and backpacking trips, canyoneering and a variety of activities where you can add additional depth to your knowledge base

After graduation, we provide you with continued support, including continuing education opportunities, career counseling and placement and, an opportunity to work as a team member within the Zion Massage College family.

Yes! Zion Massage College is proud to be institutionally accredited through the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA) and to hold the designation of Assigned School with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. The contact information for these prestigious organizations are and

The official program length is 12 months. However, many students combine day and evening classes to complete the 900 hour professional massage therapy program is as little as 7 months.

Because of the nature of hands on training, ZMC keeps its class sizes small, typically 10-14 students per class. Occasionally classes are combined so that students on campus can get to know each other.

Zion Massage College offers its students a world class education at an affordable price.

ZMC has flexible financing options.


  • Student Loan Option:
    You can obtain a student loan through MACU  by Make sure to choose their student loan option.
  • Payment Plan Option:
    ZMC has a no interest/no fee payment plan, which requires $2,000 down. We recommend making payments as you progress through the program. However, the remaining tuition balance is simply due before graduation. There are no fees or interest charged to students that participate in the ZMC payment plan option. We are committed to helping you obtain a debt free education and a viable career!
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Funding Option:
    ZMC is approved for funding through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation for students that qualify for this service.
  • GI BILL Award Option:
    ZMC is approved for funding through the G.I. Bill for students that qualify for this service.
  • Tuition Discount Award Option:
    ZMC awards tuition discounts of between $1,000 to $2,000 to individuals with financial need. To apply for a scholarship, please submit a one to two page essay (sent to: Rebecca Farraway, Admissions Director at The essay should address the following three questions: Why you want to become a massage therapist? How you plan to use your education in massage therapy. How will the scholarship help you?

Honor Roll

Zion Massage College offers an Honor Roll designation to students that demonstrate excellence by meeting specific academic, attendance and ethical/behavioral requirements. Each of these requirements is discussed in Orientation at the start of each cohort’s Professional Massage Therapy Program.

Honor Roll Requirements:

  1. Maintain a 98% or greater attendance in all classes. Make-up time from missed classes cannot be used to achieve Honor Roll. Making up time from missed classes can only be used to achieve graduation from the program, but will not meet Honors requirement. In order to qualify for the Honor Roll, students must support their classmates and respect the learning environment by being on time and ready to learn each day. Students will be marked tardy if they arrive more than 5 minutes into the scheduled class time.
  2. Maintain a 90% or greater score/grade in all classes.
  3. Be free from all disciplinary action and violations of school policy. Please review the ZMC Student Handbook to find a complete list of ZMC school policies.
  4. Be free from any instances of “no-showing” on appointments in the clinical internship. (Even one unexcused no-show will disqualify a student from achieving the Honors designation).
  5. Have no more than 3 instances of tardiness for the entire program. In order to qualify for the Honor Roll, students must support their classmates and respect the learning environment by being on time and ready to learn each day. Students will be marked tardy if they arrive more than 5 minutes into the scheduled class time. In addition, students that come back late from classroom breaks will be considered tardy.

Students that meet the Honor Roll requirements for both terms of ZMC’s Professional Massage Therapy Program may attend one Study Abroad experience to Thailand* (flight, training, and housing included for no additional charge).

*Occasionally alternative options (Graduation Experiences and Massage, Bodywork & Energy Balancing CE training) are offered in places such as Nepal, Bali or Peru. These alternatives vary by year and may not be offered every year.

Students, graduates and the public also have the option of attending the Study Abroad Experiences as a paid participant.

In order to attend a ZMC Study Abroad Experience all participants must:

  1. Agree to maintain and uphold ZMC policies, code of conduct and standards while on the Study Abroad experience.
  2. Sign and agree to the ZMC liability waiver and trip participation agreement forms.
  3. Receive a physical evaluation from a Medical Doctor and complete ZMC’s medical forms and release.
  4. Obtain a passport and present a copy of the passport upon registering for the experience. (Additionally, your passport must not expire within 6 months of the start of the Study Abroad experience.)

Honor’s participants must adhere to the following additional requirements in order to attend the Study Abroad Experience:

  1. Pay tuition in full before registering for the Study Abroad Experience.
  2. Complete their Honors Study Abroad Experience within 12 months of graduation.

ZMC offers a Study Abroad Experience to our Honors Graduates for three primary reasons:

  1. To enhance the learning environment and experience for all students: We want all students to achieve the Honors designation. By showing up to class on-time, maintaining good grades, and demonstrating respect for the learning environment, oneself, peers, clients and teachers, everyone benefits. We want our students to have a supportive, engaged learning experience that will foster both respect for oneself and others.
  2. To support our Honors Graduates in developing even greater emotional intelligence: We believe that study in a foreign culture supports our graduates in developing greater empathy. It opens their minds and hearts to additional perspectives and helps our graduates to develop greater emotional intelligence and to better understand the patients/clients that they serve.
  3. To offer our Honors Graduates their first continuing education experience! ZMC believes that it is important to engage in lifelong learning. Massage Therapy and Bodywork truly offer a lifetime of learning opportunities that enhance both the life of the Massage Therapist and the people that they serve. We want our graduates to understand that they have a responsibility to ensure that their education never ends.

Clarification and Intent of ZMC’s Study Abroad Experience offering for our Honors Graduates:

The Study Abroad Experience(s) are offered as a benefit to students that demonstrate excellence within the program. This is an award and a symbol of the graduate’s demonstration of academic excellence.

If at any point in the student’s education attendance drops below 90%, final course scores drop below 98%, final course scores drop below 90%, the student violates school conduct code or policies, or the student “no-shows” from the clinical internship, the student will be disqualified from the Honors Study Abroad award experience. Please remember that the clinical internship is one of the courses at ZMC. You must be on time and ready for every massage session.

Once an eligible ZMC graduate selects a graduation experience and flights are purchased, the student must continue with the chosen graduation experience or may choose to forgo the graduation experience. Attendance cannot be transferred to another graduation experience once a trip is selected and agreed upon by the student and ZMC.

Attendance and Tardiness:

A student must maintain at least 90% attendance in each course to maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP). A student must maintain 100% Attendance in the student massage clinic. (Refer to the student massage clinic contract for more information).

Because of the disruption, which chronic tardiness/lateness causes to the learning process, if a student is late to a class, the third occurrence of a late of 15 minutes or more will result in being marked absent for an entire class. 3 late = 1 absence.

Attendance is recorded in each class daily. If a student misses more than 10% of a course, he or she will be required to make-up the hours during the next session of the course or must attend a Study Hall session no later than two weeks from the date of the absence. The charge to make-up a missed class is $44.00 per class. For example, if there are 10 sessions of a class and a student misses three classes, he or she would be required to make-up two classes and, to pay an $88.00 ($44.00 per class) make-up fee.

If a student knows, in advance, that he or she will be absent for a course, he or she can take another section of the course ahead of schedule without a penalty. There is no charge to complete classes ahead of schedule. There is also no charge for making up planned absences, which have been arranged before the absence and, include a scheduled plan to make up the work/attend the missed classes. These arrangements must be made before the scheduled date of the required class and proper documentation is provided.

If official documentation is given within 5 days of the absence, the $44.00 per class make up fee will be waived for the following extenuating circumstances:

  1. Court dates
  2. Funeral of an immediate family member or significant other
  3. Emergency Medical Care or Hospitalization of the student (not regular appointments)
  4. Emergency Medical Care or Hospitalization of the student’s minor child or ward (not regular appointments).

No Other Agreement. This Honor Roll and Study Abroad agreement contain the only agreement and understanding between ZMC and its students and graduates regarding Honor Roll requirements and the Study Abroad Experience. No other stipulations, agreements, understanding, verbal or otherwise shall be valid or enforceable unless embodied in this agreement.

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The amount that a Licensed Massage Therapists will earn varies based on the following factors:

  1. The amount that you charge for a treatment session (if you work for yourself)
  2. The percentage or dollar amount that you are paid by an employer. This can be an hourly wage or a per appointment amount. Typically, a per appointment amount is much higher than a standard 8 hour shift with a consistent hourly rate.
  3. Tipping and its inclusion or exclusion in your work. For example, in spa and private practice settings, Massage Therapists often receive tips in addition to an hourly or per appointment wage. In Medical settings therapists often work for a set amount and do not receive tips.

We have seen employers pay our graduates as much as $72.00 per one-hour appointment and know of employers that pay as little as $17.00 per one hour appointment.  At Zion Massage College, we pay our Licensed Massage Therapists a starting amount of $27.00 per one-hour appointment. After six months we pay our LMT’s $30.00 per one hour appointment. LMT’s also receive tips from clients. Our LMT’s report that they earn an average of $45.00 per one-hour massage therapy session and typically perform between 4-7 massages per day, 5 days per week. The U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the 2017 median pay for Licensed  Massage Therapists at $19.23 per hour. You can click here to see the U.S. Department of Labor’s full report on the median pay for LMTs.

To learn more, please contact ZMC’s Admissions Department at 435-359-9825 or by email @

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